Establish an Independent Lifestyle

Join an independent senior living community in Butte, MT

Retirement is your opportunity to live the lifestyle you've always wanted. You should have the independence you want without worrying about maintaining a house. Luckily, Big Sky Senior Living has a solution.

You can join our independent senior living community in Butte, MT. In an active retirement community, you can focus on doing activities that you love rather than worrying about day-to-day chores. Call 406-494-4900 now to ask about our available units.

Don't ignore these 4 benefits of a retirement community

If you're on the fence about senior living, you should consider the benefits. You'll want to join our active retirement community because you'll...

  1. Get to choose between a cozy cottage with a garage or a comfortable apartment with a parking garage.
  2. Have our highly skilled maintenance staff on hand to assist with any repairs/maintenance you need to get done
  3. Be in a community where you'll really form a bond with your neighbors rather than just waving.
  4. We have a full time gym for all residents


Explore your options for independent senior living today.